I am an experienced professional photographer working with clients from  New York to LA for over 10 years.  I specialize in portrait and wedding photography  as well as specialized commissioned work.  


I live with my boyfriend in our corner of San Diego with our 2 cats Kiko and Pedro and our Pomeranian Paco who swears he's a human.

I have an absurd love of musicals ever since I was little so yes, Hamilton is high on that list (like crazy high), Wes Anderson movies and oh! I can binge watch Bones, Grey's Anatomy or Fringe while editing and almost quote any scene without even looking up while editing..yeah even the end production credits. I am proud.

I am a tea and scotch drinker (not at the same time...?).

I LOVE Photography. My next favorite thing to do is making a fool out of myself by dancing.  Reach out if you have  any questions or just to have a chat and thank you for stopping by 

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